1. Technology and business grow together at IMEX A...

    14:00 |  22/08/2016

    Meetings industry professionals at IMEX America this year can discover the latest innovations set to impact the way they do business. Many of these innovations will come from the technology sector ...  Read More

  2. ‘Worth its weight in gold’ – IMEX America 2016 ...

    12:30 |  18/08/2016

    IMEX America has completely reimagined the 2016 program and format of Association Focus, its unique education and networking event for association professionals.   Read More

  1. IMEX 2014 Show Time Lapse

    Time lapse video of IMEX in Frankfurt 2014 full...

    View video
  2. IMEX 2014 Build up

    Time lapse video of the IMEX in Frankfurt 2014...

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  1. Four important questions about the sharing economy


    Tapping into the wider conversation about the flourishing sharing economy, we hosted a debate for sharing economy pioneers and meetings industry leaders to discuss the opportunities and challenges ...  Read More

  2. Don’t ditch the dork!


    Embrace your inner dork! That’s the message from Tami Evans, self-confessed ‘perpetual optimist’ and one of the MPI keynote speakers at IMEX America this year. Named as one of the top five new spea...  Read More

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