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We're looking for the latest and most innovative products to showcase at IMEX so we've allocated a small budget and some resources which allow us to pilot ONE new event solution or service at each show. This is very different from, and not to be confused with, the #IMEXPitch.

Through the #IMEXlab we aim to use IMEX as a test bed for piloting new ideas under controlled and managed conditions and in a real-life environment. This will allow us to assess their suitability and to share that experience with the industry. We also aim to promote companies and individuals who seek to push the boundaries of event focussed developments.

The #IMEXlab is open to applications and suggestions from anyone in the industry and is managed via the IMEX team. All proposals and suggestions are reviewed by our internal team who select the product or service to pilot at each show.

You can send us your suggestions and ideas for future shows via @IMEX_Group on Twitter or our IMEX Facebook Page.

For IMEX 2017 we will be piloting the use of a chat bot developed by Frank is live on our IMEX 2017 website and also on our Facebook Page.

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