Sarawak Forestry LogoAs part of ICCA’s #RoadtoSarawak campaign we're excited to introduce Ganya the orangutan as the newest member of the IMEX family. We've adopted Ganya through the Sarawak Forestry Orangutan Adoption Program, which raises funds for conservation and rehabilitation, and provides education to promote awareness of orangutan conservation.

Born on 4 October 2008, Ganya lives at the Semmenggoh Nature Reserve and is semi wild. Orangutans are one of the world’s largest primates and almost completely arboreal (tree living). 'Orang' is Malay for 'person' while 'utan' is derived from 'hutan' meaning 'forest'. So orangutan means 'person of the forest'. Sharing 97% of the same DNA as humans, orangutans are critically endangered due to the destruction of their natural habitat, indiscriminate hunting and the animal trade.